Healthcare for Latinx

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Latinx Healthcare is another issue to consider, despite the fact that many people come from within the same ethnic group, there are groups closely related to each other many factors can be taken into consideration that cause major areas of difference within  these groups. Listed below are factors Delta Region AIDS Education and Training Center have taken into consideration:

  • education level
  • financial resources
  • adherence to folk customs and beliefs
  • sexual orientation
  • geographic location
  • health status
  • and preferred language

Social constructs— such as a hierarchy of men, the advocation for male political leaders, the wage gap, and the head of house persistently being a man to prove their dominance—  have been created around these traditional values that have affected physical health and well-being of those within the Latinx culture. 


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With new combinations made up of the previously noted factors, people have created astigmatism towards those within the LGBTQ+ community or those who have contracted the sexually transmitted disease unknowingly. Though because those carrying those dominant perspectives come from out of the country a problem has occurred that has affected the way they receive both their diagnosis and their treatment.

The major factor blocking Latinx from seeking the right medical attention being “a preferred language”  has conceited to play a major role in how Latinx patients receive their health care. Because of the large language barrier between Latinx communities and the healthcare system within the US, people have begun to rely less so on registered of medical health and more so on  traditional remedies created within that person’s ethnic background.

A video published by PBS Newshour can be found here that explore the ineffectiveness and lack of Hispanic communication throughout medical health care platforms that could be used to increase protection against poor health and allow for proper illness diagnosis.

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