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Michael Hernandez is the first quilt I researched, finding more about him as both a person and as just another Latinx male who lost his battle with HIV/AIDS. Found on his quilt was a large, rainbow styled Arbol de Milagros. In traditional Mexico, the Arbol de Milagros, also known as the Tree of Wishes in English, is a tree of any caliber decorated with handmade ornaments the owners create and hang on the tree in a form of wish or prayer for that certain object to come true.

[To find out more about Michael Hernandez and his quilt, click here.]

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The second quilt I studied was that of Fior Valdez, a woman of Dominican descent. On her quilt panel, a large image of flowers in a red vase can be found. A traditional sign of respect on many levels. A way of mourning her death while also memorializing her life.

[To find out more about Fior Valdez and her quilt, click here.]

With tradition taking part in many people’s lives across a vast spectrum of Latinx countries, with no visible degradation of ancient symbols and rituals a large stake has been taken in their stance within the AIDS/HIV epidemic.

Through respect and overall morals, tradition will continue to play a large roll in a person’s life, whether it be annual activities, little celebrations, or something as vast as cultural traditions performed by many others within the same ethnic background.

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