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The Impact of Machismo

Through the research I performed over the course of the past two weeks, I was lead to the aspect of Machismo— a term founded in Mexico, derived from the word “macho” used to describe a man’s role in societal, political, and personal platforms. Within the rest of this page I will go through the connections I had made with my quilt’s traditional background and the current traditions occurring in Latin countries that have allowed the HIV/AIDS epidemic to spread as much as it has so far.

Power of the Man

A man, according to Paul J. Fleming, DiClemente, and Barrington, has had “masculinity developed in the past two decades emphasiz[ing] power hierarchies between men whereby there are multiple masculinities with unequal distributions of power between them.” (Fleming) Over the past few decades, an image of men has been put on a pedestal that only leaves men to believe that if

they do not push up to the potential exemplified for them then they are less of a man than allowed. It is because of these off putting standards that men have set themselves up to make sure they have total power when concerning those of different genders.

Through both America’s and Mexico’s political structures men have been seen dominating them, this has a link to the way men are positioning themselves to create a dominant role for men in public platforms



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