Activity #2: Researching Hispanic culture affected by HIV/AIDS

What part of the US have the highest number of hispanics affected by HIV/AIDS?

When searching for the areas with the highest rate of Hispanics dealing with HIV/AIDS, the CDC’s website¬†has certain areas on the site completely dedicated to HIV/AIDS patients across the United States and all 6 of its dependent states. Here you can also group people by several functions; race, gender, region, age, ¬†sex workers, economic class, drug abusers, and those currently imprisoned.

While using the site I was able to find the regions of the United States that were affected by AIDs and by which predominate race. The usage of a source will further my research in finding the connection between HIV/AIDs and how it is affecting or allowing the Hispanic culture to evolve to be more inclusive to the LGBT+ community.


Activity #1

What subculture’s are embodied in the quilt panel you chose to research?

In Flor Valdez’s quilt, the subculture I chose to research is the authenticity their Spanish roots had chosen to emphasize. Albeit having chosen two separate quilts in my first unit versus the second, I chose to use two quilts that inhabited hispanic rituals or traditions. The creators of Valdez’s quilt used flowers to memorialize Flor’s passing, much like Michael Hernandez’s family chose to use un Arbol de Milagro to memorialize his. It was personified using what each hispanic family grew up on.


What is the relationship between the Hispanic culture embodied in the quilt and the HIV/AIDS epidemic?