Conventions of the Book & Blog genre

Haltman’s American Artifacts: Essays in Material Culture concerns itself as a novel. The format is very “black and white,” the font is “blocky” and rather standard. Each page is properly formatted. Includes publishing rights, lots of space, and gives off an aura to capture the attention of scholars. Specific lexicon. Works cited at the end. No pictures. Contains quotes and excerpts from other text using indentation


Zevallos’ Research in Racism and Academia blog contains lots of color, bubbly font, and has pictures, in a way where¬† it seems to target a younger audience. The author uses external sources from social media sites. Has promotional ads on its page and unrelated context. The author herself inserts her personal “About Me” that entitles her to build a greater following, despite the probably lack of credits. Has surveys from outside databases, lots of hyperlinks that lead to several external sites. Not to mention the blog is constantly being updated.