3/27: Activity #1

How does my chosen section of the AIDS quilt speak to a larger issue connected to the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic?

  • (hypo) Thesis #1: Traditions and culture have affected the amount of the access Latinx have to proper healthcare and HIV/AIDS awareness in the LGBT+ community.
  • (hypo) Thesis #2: In the US alone, immigration has been cracking down on foreigners who enter the country illegally, especially those from Latinx countries, therefore giving less medical attention to that community.

What questions do I need to ask to prove this true? (question, research, question, research)

  • What morals or beliefs in the Latinx community have prevented people from gaining access too healthcare? What in general is preventing foreigners from getting information on proper healthcare?
  • how does my quilt relate to my hypothesis?
  • In what ways can the amount of Latinx in America being affected by HIV/AIDS be treated to prevent the further spread of this disease?
  • Why are Latinx less educated about this sexually transmitted disease?
  • Are there any ways to spread awareness to foreigners about these diseases sweeping through the Latinx community?

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