3/29: Activity #1

From the very beginning of Anna’S HIV/AIDS in the U.S. Military, the writer addresses the person they were analyzing first, allowing for the readers to get to know Brian Cozart a little before introducing the subculture they found within his panel. After the subculture was stated, the writer broke off into another paragraph to go into detail about HIV/AIDS in the military by narrowing their search and staking a claim for them to begin discussing about.

The only problem I have with this piece is that not long before stating that homosexual service men are at a higher risk for mental illnesses they said they would be including statistics, which would have been useful right around here.

The evidence the writer uses to discuss the affects and amount of money loss due to the people they had replaced for being LGB, before and during the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Act helped the readers see how many people were discharged because of their sexuality.

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